Gyraf Calrec EQ

Gyraf Calrec EQ 40,41€ (incl. 19%VAT)
Gyraf Calrec EQ 40,41€ (incl. 19%VAT)

-3mm black anodized frontpanel
-meter cutout for Sifam AL29WF (or the chinese copy)

-drillings for the enclosure shown below

Gyraf Calrec NRG-Design Mono 69,39€

Gyraf Calrec NRG-Design Stereo 113,30€

Gyraf Calrec EQ Rearpanel

1U mono Rearpanel 25,21€

  • 3mm black andized rearpanel
  • 4 cutouts for XLRs (input/output) for NC3 Neutrik Connectors
  • IEC power connector with fuseholder and power switch

1U (44mm) Enclosure


Enclosure 49,50€ (incl. 19% VAT)

  • black powder coating
  • ventilation holes
  • enclosure parts are: 2x side panels, top and bottom cover
  • no front or rear panel included, they need to be ordered seperately

XLR and IEC connectors

Connectors 19,04€ (incl. 19%VAT)
Connectors 19,04€ (incl. 19%VAT)
  • 1x Neutrik NC3 connectors (female) + Black Screws
  • 1x Neutrik NC3 connectors (male) + Black Screws
  • 1x IEC power connector with fuse and power switch (you CAN use the switch and the fuse if you want, but you don't need to use them if you don't want to [switch can be wired seperately]
pdf Download for the IEC Connector (Wiring Diagram)
IEC connector.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 573.4 KB

If you want to order a standard frontpanel, parts or a special frontpanel just send me a mail.
Can't find the frontpanel you're looking for? No problem! I can make ANY Frontpanel. Just let me know what you need.

I will calculate the price including shipping. Be sure to include your complete shipping adress in your mail and the information about what you want to order.

Then you will get a mail with the total price and the payment instructions. (paypal or iban/bin bank transfer)


processing time:
  ~10 work days