Hello and welcome to frontpanels.de !


We are specialized in making frontpanels and enclosures for the pro audio industry.

This website shows some examples for audio related do-it-yourselfs projects.Check out the new 19" enclosure system which is also available for diy'ers to get professional looking stuff!

We can do frontpanels without a minimum quantity order!

We're specialized in CNC machining.
Why CNC? That's the most flexible and cheapest method to get professional results. Text (engravings), holes, countersinks, threads can be made with one of our modern machine in one process! You can choose between anodized material in different colours. Also powdercoating in any RAL colour is posible.
Silkscreening is also possible but it only makes sense if you need more then 20 panels with the same layout.

Any questions? Just send me a mail:


current processing time:
~10 work days