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We are specialized in making frontpanels and enclosures for the pro audio industry.
We do have customers all over the world and ship worldwide.
We can make just ONE panel or thousands of them and offer competitive prices. If you find any cheaper source with the same quality - let us know.

We're using the best cnc machines in the world, since over 10 years.

Why cnc machines? Because they can do it all!
In comparison, a lasercutter can do only ONE thing: cutting holes, nothing more.
A lasercutter can't even make good engravings, that needs to be done on a different lasermachine. (laser engraver, which can only engrave - but not cut any metal)
But a cnc machine can do EVERYTHING, like... holes, countersinks, text engravings, edge machining, threads and pocket milling.

"But... what about frontpanels of pro audio products, aren't they printed somehow...?"
Yes. 99% of the panels are silkscreened. We are offering silkscreening since years. It costs like 3-10€ depending on the quantity. But it only makes sense if you need at least 20 of the same panels. For any smaller quantity engraving is cheaper. (the silkscreen printing process just lasts 5 seconds for one panel, but making the screen and the exposure template and drying the parts in an oven is what needs time and  costs money)
There is  some printing technology on the market which is suitable for printing small quantities, we even bought a machine but at the moment we can't offer printing with this machine as no ink manufacturer gives a guarantee that the ink will not fade after 2 years in a normal uv environment.

This website shows some examples for audio related do-it-yourselfs projects.Check out the new 19" enclosure system which is also available for diy'ers to get professional looking stuff!

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Please check out our new online shop.
We've got frontpanels, enclosures, knobs, xlrs, switches...

If you want to order a standard frontpanel, parts or a special frontpanel just send me a mail.
Can't find the frontpanel you're looking for? No problem! I can make ANY Frontpanel. Just let me know what you need.


I will calculate the price including shipping. Be sure to include your complete shipping adress in your mail and the information about what you want to order.

Then you will get a mail with the total price and the payment instructions. (paypal or iban/bin bank transfer)


For standard panels and parts please have a look at our new online shop.

processing time:
maximum ~10 work days

Holidays 2018
22.07.2018 (we are moving to a new, bigger facility with all machines)

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