The NRG-Case is the most flexible 19" enclosure system.

No heat problems! ...because the ventilation holes are at the SIDE of the enclosure, where they should be

More space for your stuff! These enclosures have the most possible height and width for 19" enclosures available on the market.

It's save! Universal Ground Lugs at the rear part of the side panel... or just turn the side panel by 180° if you need them at the front.

It's conductive! The side panels and the top/bottom panels do have conductive areas to give the best shielding possible.

It's variable! You can stack the side parts on top of each other to get any needed enclosure height. (2x 3U side panels will make a 6U enclosure)

It's flexible! Fix pcbs to mounting bars without drilling holes yourselfs, use the slots at the sidepanels to fix transformers or psu pcbs.

It's quality!
Designed and manufactured in germany. Heavy duty powder coating, thread inserts

Custamizable! You can get holes, countersinks, threads, text at any position on the front, rear, top and bottom panels.

Options, options, options!
Handles, Brackets and mounting bars, ready made mono or stereo rearpanels, xlrs and iec connectors..



Enclosures are available in the shop:

Download the construction manual here:

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.5 MB

Here it is!

NRG-Case 1U

NRG-Case 2U

NRG-Case 3U

2x side panels, top/bottom covers: 44,32€ +VAT
*also available in 400mm depth

2x side panels, top/bottom covers: 48,16€  +VAT

2x side panels, top/bottom covers: 54,00€ +VAT

Blanc Rearpanels

NRG-Case  1U Rearpanel (blanc)

NRG-Case  2U Rearpanel (blanc)

NRG-Case  3U Rearpanel (blanc)

Rearpanel blanc: 9,86€ +VAT

Rearpanel blanc: 10,90€ +VAT

Rearpanel blanc: 12,97€  +VAT

Rearpanels with XLR and IEC cutouts MONO

NRG-Case  1U Rearpanel  mono

NRG-Case  2U Rearpanel mono

NRG-Case  3U Rearpanel mono

Rearpanel with cutouts: 22,55€ +VAT

Rearpanel with cutouts: 23,59€ +VAT

Rearpanel with cutouts: 24,59€ +VAT

Rearpanels with XLR and IEC cutouts STEREO

NRG-Case  1U Rearpanel stereo

NRG-Case  2U Rearpanel stereo

NRG-Case  3U Rearpanel stereo

Rearpanel with cutouts: 24,75€ +VAT

Rearpanel with cutouts: 25,79€ +VAT

Rearpanel with cutouts: 26,79€ +VAT

Blanc Frontpanels

NRG-Case  1U Frontpanel

NRG-Case  2U Frontpanel

NRG-Case  3U Frontpanel


Mounting Rail

Mounting Rail 6,86€ +VAT

This rail can be used for a stabilisation (if needed) of the enclosure.
The top and/or bottom cover can be fixed with the front or rearpanel to get a very strong enclosure. You can even put computer monitors on top of the enclosure with no problems.
You can also use the rail to make an API500/51X Rack with a 3Z enclosure as these rails have the holes for the modules at the right position.
These rails can also be useful to fix pcbs at the inside of the enclosure so you don't need to drill holes and you can remove the bottom cover to get full access to the pcb without unscrewing the pcb.

90° Bracket 1,78€ +VAT/each bracket

These brackets can be fixed at the top and/or the rearpanel. These brackets can make the enclosure even stronger because of the additional connection between the front/rear panel with the enclosure top/bottom cover.

90° Brackets to fix the rearpanel within the enclosure

With these brackets you can fix the rearpanel to any position you want at the inside of the enclosure.
So the additional panel can be used to fix transformer, tube sockets, pcbs, potentiometers or switches which can't or shouldn't be fixed to the frontpanel.
(example: to fix Urei 1176 switches or rotary switches (for Neve 1081/1073...)

Fixation Panel *NEW!*   13,32€+VAT

This is an additional "bottom" panel which can be fixed right above the enclosure bottom .


  • No need to drill in the real bottom panel
  • No need to drill precisely as this panel is not visible in the end
  • No visible screws from the outside which can scratch the gear below this unit
  • Additional Shielding
  • You can even start assembling the pcbs before ordering the enclosure
  • Free area at the front and rear for components


If you're about to design your own pcb then you can use the existing screws (which fixes the bottom panel to the side panels) to fix your pcbs.

More infos are shown in the pdf document below.

PCB fixing.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 657.6 KB

XLR male or female connectors  0,84€/each +VAT

Industrial qualtiy! ...used in pro audio products
Neutrik A-Series compatibility
Highest packing density
Black screws included!

6,3mm JACK CONNECTOR 1,26€/each +VAT

Stereo version (can also be used as mono version)
3x Switched contacts

Highest packing density

IEC Power Connector 3,36€/each +VAT

Fuse holder included
With illuminated Power Switch
snap in version (no screws needed)

Datasheet for IEC Connector including wiring diagram
IEC Datasheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 894.9 KB

The best way to solder wires directly to the XLRs is by using heatshrink or
"HellermannTyton TH170X50BK" (thats a neoprene tubing) sam thing
which NEVE uses since dacades.


If you want to order a standard frontpanel, parts or a special frontpanel just send me a mail.
Can't find the frontpanel you're looking for? No problem! I can make ANY Frontpanel. Just let me know what you need.

I will calculate the price including shipping. Be sure to include your complete shipping adress in your mail and the information about what you want to order.

Then you will get a mail with the total price and the payment instructions. (paypal or iban/bin bank transfer)


For standard panels and parts please have a look at our new online shop.

processing time:
maximum ~10 work days

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