The Story

Beeing a keyboard player since 30 years I bought a few Keyboards over the years. You're always trying to find a better, cooler, easier one. But usually when the product is on the market the technology is already old. I always wanted to have the same quality of sounds which Iam using in the studio. However, if you try to use Cubase or any other Sequencer it does not feel comfortable and realiable when you're playing on stage. I tried a few "VST Host Programs" (=Software which let's you run VST Plugings on your computer). The best one I found was "Cantabile Performer". It has all the features you need and it's damn stable!
First I used a Notebook on stage. But.... you need to add the psu, usb cable, audio interface, midi, audio... and having all this fragile cables and equipment on stage is NOT a good idea.
Going away from stage... and maybe somone else is the new owner of your 3000€ macbook or notebook.
And all the wiring on stage. And maybe you forget one USB cable at home... so... nothing works. So I wanted it to be like it was in the old days. One Keyboard... sustain pedal, in-ear conencted to the keyboard, analog output connected to the stage box - ready to go!
Accidently there is no Keyboard which is "empty" inside where you can put in a computer and audio interface. So I build this Keyboard Enclosure. You could even start with just the keyboard and put the notebook on top of it as there is much space for the notebook, ipad, controllers. And later you can start to integrate everything INTO the keyboard.
And once the computer is outdated you can just buy a newer one and replace it with the old one. No need to buy a new Keyboard ever again! Saves a lot of cash.



  • Stable and black powdercoated aluminum frame
  • replaceable Top Cover (you can put your laptop on top or make custom top panels and screw them the the keyboard
  • replacable connection panels (2 rearpanels for XLRs, Sustainm Input/Output, Power...)
  • 4 Ventilation holes to get rid of heat inside the enclosure produced by the computer
  • a lot of space inside for a computer (for example a powerful INTEL NUC computer... I7, 32GB Ram), Soundcard, PSUs, Display
  • You could even add two Computers and two soundcards for a redundant system (in case one computer fails)
  • Hinged top panel (for easy access), holds with magnets to the bottom frame
  • The enclosure fits 61Key or 76Keys (Fatar keyboard), you can also buy a cheap 150€ M-Audio Key-Station and drill holes into the bottom to fix the keyboard
  • Enclosure has the same size as for example a Roland Fantom X-6 (so you can use your existing Flightcases)

Parts to build your own Dream-Keyboard are available in the shop:


Keyboard Frame (Enclosure)

This is is basic Keyboard Enclosure Frame. Made out of aluminum, bended and powdercoated.

Keyboard types

Option A: ~275€
In the pictures above a 61-Key Fatar Keyboard was used. The frame should also fit with a 76-Key Fatar keyboard. Then the Pitch and Mod Wheels needs to be placed at another place.

You can buy the Fatar Keyboard from
For a working set you need the Keyboard itselfs, the ribbon cables - to connect the keyboad with the electronics, and the MKE electronics (keyboard matrix) so that it works with MIDI and a pitchbend and mod wheel if you want.

Parts you need:
61TP/9S, 61 keys / 5 octaves, without after touch, unweighted keys  available at for 160€
Modulation Wheel 15€/each
Cable set for keyboard with 4 or 5 octaves ( ~ 2x50cm, 16 pins) 20

MKE MIDI Keyboard Electronics 85€

Option B: ~115€
Alternatively you could use any other Keyboard that fits into the enclosure, for example you can use the M-Audio Keystation which costs 115€


The HDMI 10" Touchscreen I used is a "10TS3" from beetronics.  (Thanks to Torsten from the cantabile forum for the link!)
This one has a monitor stand so you can change the angle to whatever you like.
However, the keyboard top cover is already angled so a flushmount monitor should work fine here.

Connection Panels:


You can buy blanc panels in the shop, or we can make custom connections panels for you. (cnc machined and printed)

There are two positions where you can place these panels, at the left and and the right side of the keyboard rearpanel.

If you want to order a standard frontpanel, parts or a special frontpanel just send me a mail.
Can't find the frontpanel you're looking for? No problem! I can make ANY Frontpanel. Just let me know what you need.

I will calculate the price including shipping. Be sure to include your complete shipping adress in your mail and the information about what you want to order.

Then you will get a mail with the total price and the payment instructions. (paypal or iban/bin bank transfer)


processing time:
  ~10 work days