PCBGRINDER SSL (with fixed-frequency Sidechain)

Here are the mechanical parts for the G-SSL bus compressor (from the SSL 4000 console)

You can choose between the blackface version with toggle switches or a more original looking frontpanel with illuminated push switches. (which are available here)
Different rearpanels are available... a blank rearpanel with no holes (so you have to drill the xlr and iec holes yourselfs - and save some money) or buy an already cutted rearpanel with cutouts - much easier!. ;-)

PCBGRINDER SSL with fixed-frequency Sidechain 50,20€ (incl. VAT)

PCBGRINDER SSL with fixed-frequency Sidechain  SILVER WITH CUTOUTS FOR PUSH BUTTONS 61,06€ (incl. 19%VAT)

ILLUMINATED PUSH SWITCH  14,28€/each switch (incl. 19%VAT)

1U NRG CASE ENCLOSURE 48,62€ (incl. 19%VAT)

Rearpanel with cutouts for XLRs and IEC connector: 25,10€ incl. 19% VAT

Rearpanel blanc: 10,54€ incl. 19% VAT (saves $$$ but you have to drill the holes for XLRs and IEC yourselfs)

4x XLRs 1x IEC 8€ (incl. 19% VAT)

If you want to order a standard frontpanel, parts or a special frontpanel just send me a mail.
Can't find the frontpanel you're looking for? No problem! I can make ANY Frontpanel. Just let me know what you need.


I will calculate the price including shipping. Be sure to include your complete shipping adress in your mail and the information about what you want to order.

Then you will get a mail with the total price and the payment instructions. (paypal or iban/bin bank transfer)


processing time:
  ~10 work days